House washing prices New Zealand

Cost of a house wash really depends on the house to house. For example: if you get a house wash done every year it will cost you far less than a house that hasn’t been washed in 5 years. Most companies charge by sqm and build size. Building material effects the house washing prices as well. You should look for experienced house washing operators. Always ask for soft chem washing and not high pressure water basting¬†

Key factors in house washing prices

  • First and foremost factor is that how often you wash your house
  • a single storey house will cost you far less than double storey
  • also depends in the area and access to the property


Professional house washing in progress by metro watr blasting technician, We only do soft chem wash instead of water blasting or high pressure washing

Professional house washing in progress by metro water blasting technician, We only do soft chem wash instead of water blasting or high pressure washing

Type of house washing and pricing

There are plenty if house washing companies around and choosing a company with good reputation is necessary. You should be prepared to pay extra $100-200 rather than finding a local bloke with small water blaster to come and do the damage to the board or surface of the house. It does not take much to damage the exterior of the house during the washing process. If you have a rookie then there are 100% chances that he will get water inside the insulation. When choosing a house washing company keep in mind that your are asking few questions!

  1. Is it a soft chemical wash?
  2. what kind of chemical used in the process?
  3. Is it Eco and plant friendly
  4. How much water it will take and how long will the process take?

House washing industry experience matters the most

I guess, main question is that would you rather pay someone extra and get your house wash done correctly or you are just looking for cheapest house washing service available in the area. There are always High pricing house washing and you can get someone to do same house wash for $200 but the quality and process won’t be the same. You should look for price in the mid range and ask if it is a soft bio chemical wash, it is very important that you only get the Eco-friendly soft chem-wash for your house. Obviously cheaper doesn’t mean best.

What price should I pay for house wash?

We know that your are looking for best value for your money. Call metro water blasting today 0800 997 997

house washing prices are below from Metro water blasting

Single storey 1-2 bedroom $290-330

Single storey 3-4 bedroom $350-365

Single storey up-to 5 bedroom $375-400

Double storey 3-4 bedroom $450-500

Double storey up-to 5 bedroom $550-600

These house wash Prices are for indication purposes so you can have a fair idea that what you should pay and what you get.

We offers best house washing prices auckland wide. This house chem wash is being done by one of metro water blasting technician

professional house washing


Virginia Jones
Virginia Jones
11 April 2024
Outstanding job and fantastic prompt service, will use again and recommend to others.
Melissa Gentile
Melissa Gentile
15 March 2024
Had a great experience with this company. Arrived early and spent alot of time and care giving my house a wash! Highly recommend!
Eileen Jennings
Eileen Jennings
21 February 2024
Thoroughly recommend Kulwinder and his team! They were charming and extremely professional. Our home has never looked better. Thank you so much.
Kathryn Mexted
Kathryn Mexted
14 February 2024
We were very happy with the work done by Metro - they did an excellent job - would highly recommend their service
Merv Joe
Merv Joe
9 February 2024
Thank you Shere, an excellent job of cleaning the house, making sure sensitive bits were treated with care. Very polite and great work!
Marcia Dias
Marcia Dias
18 January 2024
First time in 20+ years waterblasting the house and fence, looked brand new. Very happy with the results!
Jennifer Doherty
Jennifer Doherty
16 January 2024
Highly recommend this team. Good workmanship, friendly & efficient.
Jim Mather
Jim Mather
21 December 2023
Absolutely awesome service and support from Kulwinder and the entire team. Outstanding house wash and waterblasting of drives - looks like new again!
Ben Mills
Ben Mills
15 December 2023
The guys from metro did a fantastic job, the house looks great. Highly recommended. A+
Julie Kennedy
Julie Kennedy
12 December 2023
Today Metro Water Blasting soft washed my 2 level home and plastic fence and also water blasted an old picket fence. They were able to come to the job at short notice and at a time to suit me. Using 3 tradesmen they completed the job efficiently and very carefully so that the home looks sparkling and there was no damage to any surface. They were very courteous and helpful as was the administrator. I have no hesitation in recommending their services.


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