Why you should  maintain exterior of your property ?

When it comes to exterior property maintenance, lot of people hesitate sending money on the exterior washing. Maybe one of the biggest mistakes you can make is not looking after exterior of your house or building which in the end can cost you thousands of dollars to fix, paint and repair. In this article today, we are writing about importance of exterior maintenance and how you can save money in long run .

Type of exterior maintenance

For residential properties such as houses, cabins and sheds. You should consider soft washing every 12 months. Majority of the professional water blasting companies provide soft chem- washing. You should always choose soft chem washing for your property rather than water blasting.

Whats the main difference in soft chem washing and water blasting

Soft chem-washing : In this process a mixtures of chemical sprayed on the exterior of your house  which helps to soften the build ups and grime and gradually washed away with low water pressure leaving the house surface clean and spotless. All exterior cleaning companies use different chemicals. You should alway pick the one that uses bio-degradable chems otherwise you will end up with dead plant. Always check google rating and history of the company and last thing to make sure that company you are using have public liability insurance policy in place. You will be surprised! Why ask for insurance ? There are many things that can go wrong with while exterior cleaning. it’s always better to have company that carries insurance policy.

building wash

Water blasting: There’s 2 main type of water blasting Low and high pressure. High pressure water blasting is done to clean concrete and hard surfaces. Your driveway, pathways, building entrances. New Zealand weather over the winter is very wet and also being in middle if the sea doesn’t help when it comes to keeping the outdoor concrete and surface clean. Your concrete areas should be cleaned and treated with chemicals to prevent it from being slippery. Commercial concrete and pavement can be real hazard to health and safety.

Low pressure water blasting: Like the term itself, low pressure means its for decks, fences and tiled surfaces around the pools etc. Outdoor decks and fences can be hard kept clean all the time so you definitely consider cleaning outdoor decking and front porches in the winter. Slippery surface can be major health and safety hazard and overtime grime and lichen build ups can rotten you deck and fence. No the question is that would your rather clean your fence or deck every year or fork out thousands of dollars to replace it ?

Concrete cleaing


Commercial Buildings 

No questions asked! Commercial building should be washed every year not to just maintain the street appeal but also in long term it saves you on paint and damages. Exterior washing can extend your paint life up to 15-20%, if you look at exterior washing cost every year it would friction of that. There are plenty of companies offering exterior washing. It’s always better to find one company and stick with them on contract basis.main this is that if you have large building worth 10-20m you should request  for extended insurance policy. Most companies carry 2m public liability insurance. Best time to plan your exterior building wash is in winter because everyones booked out in summer so it might not leave you with good options

What else ? Gutter cleaning & Roof treatment ? 

When you drive around how many roofs you see full of lichen, moss and mould ? A lot right? Lot of property owners don’t even think about it until starts to leak or worst case have to replace the roof. Moss treatment can be great alternative for keeping your roof clean and tidy. Just get it sprayed every 12-18 months. Oh! don’t forget the gutters. Considering NZ weather you should do those every 9-12 months if your house’s surrounded by the trees do it every six months.why? otherwise you will end up with saggy lining and you will have to replace the whole lot now!

Gutter cleaning

In the end , you should alway contact your local company for exterior maintenance and ask these questions before they carry out any work. Specially when it comes to roofs and height work. Individuals should be certified for working at heights and carry health and safety license.

Hope that article helped you understand more about exterior property maintenance.Cheers

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