We provide expert commercial water blasting and exterior building wash services throughout Wellington. Our technicians are certified and have extensive experience in the industry. We are locally owned and operated and strive to achieve the highest quality for all our building washing services.

Building Wash Wellington


Our expertise in commercial water blasting and exterior building washing extends to multi-level buildings in Wellington. As one of only two exterior cleaning companies in these two cities with the right equipment, we can reach up to 3 levels from the ground. We specialise in washing malls and other large buildings, and our services increase the life of the surfaces we clean by up to 20%. We are experienced in dealing with all types of materials, from metal panels to weatherboards, ornaments, and other large structures. Our Metro water blasting experts are available for building washing and commercial water blasting in any part of New Zealand at your request.


We are professionals in commercial water blasting and exterior building washing. As exterior cleaning experts, we can restore the inviting appearance of your building by removing the growths of moss, mould, and lichen that accumulate over time. We can give a muchneeded facelift to your exterior surfaces like stone paths and other exterior flooring, in order to add value to your property. Our services range from onetime exterior building washing to contracted body corp and private building owners. Why should you trust us? Our staff have extensive experience with commercial water blasting, roof washing, building maintenance, and more giving you peace of mind throughout the process

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