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Power Wash Pro: Mastering the Art of House Washing for Beginners

2024-01-30T02:45:57+13:00January 30, 2024|

Introduction to Power Wash Pro Welcome to the world of Power Wash Pro, where we empower beginners to master the art of house washing effortlessly. House washing is an essential part of home maintenance, not only for aesthetic purposes but also for preserving the integrity of your property. Understanding the [...]

Transform Your Home in Minutes with This House Washing Technique

2023-10-16T10:42:39+13:00September 24, 2023|

At Metro Water Blasting, we are committed to providing reliable and professional exterior house wash services in Tauranga and the surrounding areas. Our priority is to ensure a clean and flawless exterior while also taking measures to protect the environment. By using safe methods and eco-friendly techniques, we can preserve [...]

House Washing Secrets the Pros Don’t Want You to Know

2023-10-16T10:43:55+13:00September 24, 2023|

What is bio wash or Soft wash ? Welcome to the world of transformative house washing and water blasting. In this article, we will explore the incredible impact that these techniques can have on your home's curb appeal. With the power of house washing and water blasting, you can uncover [...]

10 Real Reasons to Get a House Wash done by metro water blasting

2023-09-24T18:57:16+13:00August 13, 2023|

10 Real Reasons to Get a House Wash In the realm of maintaining and enhancing your property's curb appeal, one often overlooked yet immensely beneficial practice is house washing. While many homeowners focus on landscaping and interior renovations, the exterior of your home deserves equal attention. A clean and well-maintained [...]

House Washing Prices

2023-10-01T11:27:45+13:00August 18, 2022|

House washing prices New Zealand Cost of a house wash really depends on the house to house. For example: if you get a house wash done every year it will cost you far less than a house that hasn't been washed in 5 years. Most companies charge by sqm and [...]

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